Free Tips to Make Your Fake Doctor’s Note Work


It’s not too difficult why more people are using fake doctor’s notes. When you use these notes, they can get you out of work or school for the day and for the most part, people didn’t question them. Well, that was the case maybe a year or two ago but now it does seem as though more are questioning the validity of a doctor’s note. So, how can you make your fake note look a little more real and work for you? Read on to find a few tips to consider today.

The ‘Illness’ Must Be Simple and Believable

The type of illness you use can backfire on you if it’s not a regular or common ailment. For instance, you can say you’ve been ill with a stomach bug and get a note for it and usually people won’t question it. However, when you start saying you’ve come down with this, this and this (and they are unknown illnesses) it can cause a few problems. When people don’t know much about an illness they can start to ask questions and it means a little more trouble for you. Doctor’s notes really should be simple and an illness noted which is fairly common too. It might seem boring but it’s what works.

Keep It Short

Have you looked at a doctor’s note recently? If not, it’s time you did so because they aren’t usually long-winded letters that go on and on. For most doctors’ they write a quick and very basic note as to why someone has missed the day. Your fake doctor’s notes need to be the same. They shouldn’t be the next great American novel but a simple and very short note that won’t get people talking or asking questions. The longer the person has to read the note, the more likely they will pick-up on issues such as mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Don’t Take Weeks Off

notesThe longer you are away from the office, the more pressure it’ll put upon you and your fake note. If you take a day or two at best then it shouldn’t really cause too much trouble and usually employers don’t dig deep either. However, when you’re away for days at a time or even weeks then it’s going to raise a lot of concern and questions. For starters, the doctor’s notes will be taken a very close look at and your co-workers and employer might ask about the illness. If you aren’t really prepared to go into great lengths, it’s a problem. This often occurs too and that’s why you need to take as little time off as possible. If you can cut it down to one afternoon, it’s great! You shouldn’t have too much people digging into your sickness. read the news coming from

Keep It Real

Sometimes, you are better sticking to an illness you have had a lot of trouble with in the past so that you don’t trip yourself up when talking about it. This is the simplest way to avoid trouble and, in truth, it can be a lot more believable. Sometimes, you have to think very carefully about what you’re saying before and after you’re writing your fake notes. Yes, some will not take much notice of you missing a day but others will! Your fake doctor’s notes must be believable.