Can My Boss Call My Doctor About My Work Excuse?

Does it happen to you before that your boss called your doctor about your doctor’s note? And, do you wonder if this is something that your boss is allowed to do or not? There are many aspects about this that you need to know in order for you to decide if this is something that your doctor can do or not. It is important for each and everyone to remember this information about your boss and your work excuse note.

Your right to medical privacy

It is important to know that you have the right to medical privacy. If you have a legit doctor’s note for work from your doctor or clinic, your boss doesn’t really have the right to ask your doctor about your illness, especially, not without your consent.

There are some reasons that your boss might contact your doctor to ask about the sick note, but he isn’t allowed to ask out about your illness. This is unethical and the doctor can also get into trouble.

When you have a legit work excuse note?

When you have a legit work excuse note, and you were absent for a couple of days, it isn’t normally a concern to your boss. This is if you really have a legit reason for not showing up to work.

If you were sick and you don’t have a doctor’s note, then the boss can ask your permission to phone the doctor to confirm your illness and the fact that you weren’t at work. However, most of the time in certain countries, when you have a sick note from a doctor, clinic or hospital, the employer can’t do anything about it. And, for sure not phone the doctor for medical information. Read more.

Getting injured at work

Getting injured at work, give an employer some say in your injuries. Because under these circumstances the employer is responsible for the medical bills, he has the right to ask about the injuries, even if you have a doctor’s note for work.  However, he still can’t phone your doctor without your permission, and your doctor can’t give out this type of information without your consent.

Something that is allowed is if the employer asks for your medical reports of the accident. However, he isn’t allowed to get all your medical reports of previous illnesses and injuries.

There are legit reasons when your boss might question your illness and sick note

However, even if this is illegal for your boss to get your medical reports from your doctor, or phoning him about your doctor’s note, there are some legit reasons where your boss might ask for more info. If you are sick on a regular basis, and the employer starts to get suspicious about your sick leave and the number of times that you are giving him the same type of doctor’s note, he can phone the doctor.

There are many people that are taking advantages of their sick leave. They are giving the employer a fake sick note all the time without worrying about getting caught. When an employer is getting suspicious, he is allowed to ask for your medical reports. You then should be able to provide these documents to prove that your doctor’s note for work is legit. Learn more details at: